about me

My name is Giada, I was born in Rome where I live and work as a graphic designer and illustrator. I won a four-year scholarship for the degree course in illustration at the European Institute of Design where I pursued my qualification. I have a passion for photography, I first approached analog photography and switched to digital photography afterwards, but still can get very sentimental when thinking of camera films. I like art in its different forms, love movies and never work without playing my favorite tunes.

graphic design

Diversified work experiences have enabled me to gradually improve my skills in the graphics sector, motion graphic and visual communication.


My love for drawing led me to graduate  in illustration and after studying traditional techniques,

I switched to digital, which has characterized most of my work. I have designed characters for animations and 3D models. 


When I do not use the PC,

I dedicate myself to pencil drawing, watercolor painting techniques, collage and screen printing. I like manual work and to experiment different techniques and supports.


I have always had a passion for photography, I have often used photo shoots in my drawings. I started studying with an analogue camera and after much practice by using films, I switched to digital photography.


2007  "Cineporto XXI° edition", selfportraits, photo exhibition with Csf Adams school, Rome

2009  "Carosello d'arte", collective exhibition - Circolo degli Artisti, Rome

2012  "Capocce", solo exhibition - Alpacha Distro, Rome

2012  "Prize Art Caffè Letterario I° edition", collective exhibition - Caffè letterario, Rome

2015  "Artexpo New York", collective exhibition with Coronari 111 Art Gallery

2015  "SPECTRUM Miami Art Show", collective exhibition with Coronari 111 Art Gallery

2016  "The  ARTSTs vol. II - 2015", collective exhibition - Coronari 111 Art Gallery, Rome